Publishing your book with UGP

Publishing your book with UGP

How to submit a book proposal

If you would like to submit a proposal, you can do so by downloading our publishing proposal guidelines, following them in preparing your proposal, and then sending it to the correct commissioning editor for the subject area.

Please do not send entire manuscripts in the first instance; we prefer to see one or two sample chapters and a detailed outline of the project.

Meet the team

Our commissioning team are always on the lookout for quality proposals to publish in a range of book formats – including monographs, multi-authored or edited collections, trade books for the general reader, plus study guides and plays in certain subject areas.

Editorial Board

Babette Knauer
Peter van Laarhoven
Margreet Nieborg
Jan Herman Veldkamp

 Editorial Team

Frank den Hollander
Margreet Nieborg
Peter van Rees
Dorien van Rheenen
Willem Struiksma
Pieter van der Veen

 Special considerations

Open Access

University of Groningen Press supports the Open Access publishing of monographs.


University of Groningen Press is a name trusted by students and scholars worldwide as a clear indication of the best scholarly content. We are always on the lookout for academically rigorous, accessible textbooks that fill gaps in the market and provide convenient, affordable texts for busy course tutors to set for their students.

If you have an idea for a textbook, please contact a member of the editorial team.

Edited volumes

We do not publish conference proceedings, but we are always interested in well crafted edited volumes. You can read our Editorial Director’s tips for framing and proposing a successful edited volume.

PhD theses

We do not publish PhD theses. In a small number of cases, where the research is of exceptionally high quality and broad appeal, we can consider a book that takes thesis research as its starting point and expands upon it significantly, on the strict understanding that it must have been entirely rewritten and restructured for a wider audience.

Please do not send unrevised thesis materials for consideration.