The New Groninger Cookbook


Zechariah Allmlaji; Willemijn Amersfoort; Fenne Bagust; Marie Barel; Milly Bellm; Irene Boven; Aniek Busker; Roland Chiu; Torge Hilken; Annina Junnonen; Kiek Korevaar; Ava Molleson; Felim Murphy; Capria Olivier; Frances Payne; Inge Smallegange; Rob Visser; Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow


What makes for a real Groninger meal?

A traditional bowl of stamppot, lovingly prepared at home? A giant bowl of mosterdsoep met spek, served with crusty white bread? A cheeky eierbal at two in the morning, still steaming from the deep fryer?

All good answers. But, as this book goes to show, Groninger cuisine is much more than just the classics.

Produced with love by students at the University College Groningen, the New Groninger Cookbook explores what happens when a nuchter Dutch city collides with students and migrants from around the world.

By turns surprising, entertaining, and delicious, the recipes in this book reveal a whole new side of Groninger cuisine: a side that will keep you coming back for more.

Cover Design: Ava Molleson

Photography: Rhiannon Bruce, Melvin Coolen, Alexander Sobotta, Kaja Warnke, and Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow

Copyediting: Daniel Gloerfelt-Tarp, Frances Payne, and Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow

Publisher: University of Groningen Press,
Broerstraat 4, 9712 CP Groningen

Production support: LINE UP boek en media bv

The softcover version of this book (ISBN: 9789403428499) can be ordered via Print on demand directly on the site of our partner  Uitgeverij kleine Uil, and through all regular (internet) bookshops.



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August 14, 2020



Cookbook, Groningen, Fusion, Food politics, Sustainability

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