The University Library of Groningen: Four hundred years of history in four buildings, forty collections and infinite pictures


Gerda C. Huisman


Four hundred years ago, on 28­ February 1615, the University of Groningen Library was officially instituted. This book celebrates the four centuries during which the Library matured from a single room with chained books to a modern and busy centre which is an information hub and a social meeting place as well.

This book not only marks the Library's four-hundredth anniversary, but it also appears in a time of many changes. From September 2014, over the next few years the building will undergo a complete transformation. This is another reason why it appropriately focuses on the present-day building and the organisation's long history. The forty collections presented here form a selection of the many delightful, fascinating and rare items in our care. Together they give an impression of the treasures preserved by our Library, a trust which, it is hoped, we will continue to honour for many centuries to come.

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July 31, 2018



University of Groningen Library, Barkhuis

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