The Tragedy of the Self: Lectures on Global Hermeneutics


Andrea Sangiacomo
University of Groningen


Why do human beings interpret their overall experience in terms of selfhood? How was the notion and sense of self shaped at different times and in different cultures? What sort of problems or paradoxes did these constructions face? These lectures address these and related questions by sketching a roadmap of possible theoretical avenues for conceiving of the self, bringing to the foreground its soteriological implications, while also testing this theoretical outlook against insights offered by various disciplines. Exploring the crosscultural spectrum of possible ways of conceiving of the self invites the more existential question of whether any of these possibilities might offer resources for dealing with the tragedies of today’s world, or maybe even saving it from some of them.

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Author Biography

Andrea Sangiacomo, University of Groningen

Andrea Sangiacomo is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Groningen, where he currently teaches global hermeneutics and ancient Buddhist philosophy.
His research interests include Western early modern philosophy and science, soteriological conceptions of selfhood in a cross-cultural perspective, and ancient Buddhist thought and practice.

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Cover book Tragedy of the Self



March 13, 2023



Philosophy, cross-cultural philosophy, hermeneutics, global philosophy, selfhood, ascetic practices, mysticism, enactivism, cognitive science, Greek tragedy, Nietzsche, Plato, Upanishads, Parmenides, Arnold Schoenberg, William James, Shamanism, early buddhism

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