Cities for talent: Good practices for internationalisation in medium-sized European cities


Marian Counihan (ed)
University of Groningen
Willem van Winden (ed)
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


An interdisciplinary volume combining academic articles with thematic case studies and commentary by policy makers and practitioners, resulting in a combination of academic research and policy recommendations for timely societal impact.

Medium-sized cities across Europe are increasingly and actively attracting skilled migrants. How can these cities best manage the challenges of internationalisation? That is to say: How can they attract, facilitate and integrate skilled migrants, enabling them to contribute to the regional culture and economy, while still serving their local populations and maintaining social cohesion?

In this volume, we combine academic findings with policy reflections to provide a uniquely interdisciplinary guide for academics, policy makers and professionals in local governments, universities, HRM departments, for successfully co-ordinated international talent management.

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Author Biographies

Marian Counihan, University of Groningen

Marian Counihan (PhD) is a philosopher working on topics in migration and urban studies. She works part-time at University College Groningen, where she teaches in interdisciplinary courses on bias, identity and the city. She also works part-time as an independent researcher and policy advisor on internationalisation and diversity management. Her research interest lies in the changing relationship between cities and their citizens. She founded City Central, a hub for international Groningen, and worked as local expert for Groningen’s URBACT project. 

Willem van Winden, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Willem van Winden (PhD) is a professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His research focuses on knowledge-based urban/regional policies and strategies. He is active in numerous international research projects and has published several books and scientific articles in these fields.He currently acts as adviser for several cities, city networks and other organisations, including URBACT (Europe’s largest exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development), Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), and EUniverCities (a network of European cities and universities).

Cover Cities for talent



November 11, 2022



Internationalisation, Skilled migration, Urban governance , Governance of migration, Cities

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