A Force of Energy: Essays in Energy Law in Honour of Professor Martha Roggenkamp


Ruven Fleming (ed)
University of Groningen
Kars de Graaf (ed)
University of Groningen
Leigh Hancher (ed)
Tilburg University
Edwin Woerdman (ed)
University of Groningen


This book is a Liber Amicorum for Martha Roggenkamp, Professor of Energy Law at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. The chapters in this book celebrate her unique contribution to energy law. Martha Roggenkamp is a true force of energy, both personally and professionally. Her chair in energy law at the University of Groningen was the first in the Netherlands. She co-established the Dutch Energy Law Association and co-founded the Groningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability. With a formidable range of seminal publications, building on a large number of externally funded research projects, and of course her hearty laugh, she is one of the leading women in energy law in the Netherlands, in Europe and beyond. The chapters in this book showcase the diversity of the subject matter, the high academic standards as well as the connections that Martha Roggenkamp has nurtured across decades and continents.

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Editor Biographies

Ruven Fleming is Assistant Professor of Energy Law at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and Visiting Lecturer at TU Berlin, Germany. He is also Project Leader of hydrogen projects at the German Fuel Institute (DBI), TU Freiberg, Germany.

Kars de Graaf is Professor of Public Law and Sustainability at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He is also Chair of the Dutch Association of Environmental Law (VMR).

Leigh Hancher is Professor of European Law at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.  She is also part-time Professor at the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) within the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy.

Edwin Woerdman is Professor of Markets and Regulation at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He is also Academic Director of the Master (LLM) in Energy and Climate Law at this university.


  • Title and contents
  • Abstracts
  • Reshaping EU Energy Law: Towards Degrowth
    Romain Mauger
  • Competition and Regulation in the Renewable Energy Era
    Machiel Mulder
  • Energy Law and Energy Transformation
    John Paterson
  • The Carbon Price Paradox
    Edwin Woerdman
  • The Arbitration Option in Article 26 of the Energy Charter Treaty and its Applicability to Disputes with the Russian Federation
    Jan Willem Bitter
  • The Role of the Energy Charter Treaty for Decarbonization
    Anatole Boute
  • Duck and Cover! From the Delusion of Climate Adaptation to the Authority of International Sustainability Law
    Marcel Brus
  • The North Sea Wind Power Hub Project: Some International and EU Law Aspects
    Ana Costov, Frans Nelissen
  • Three Binaries in People v Arctic Oil
    Suryapratim Roy
  • On Energy Law and Cross-Border Energy Investments: Is International Energy Investment Law a Distinct Subset of Law?
    Cees Verburg
  • Artificial Islands under UNCLOS: Room for ‘New Beasts’?
    Jaap Waverijn
  • Energy and Taxation: U.S.-lessons for Carbon Capture and Storage in Europe
    Irene Burgers
  • Hydrogen Networks: Networks of the Future?
    Ruven Fleming
  • Single Asset Interconnectors: Regulatory Issues and Recent Case Law
    Silke Goldberg
  • Energy Communities under European Union Law: A Brief Review of Some Controversial Issues
    Íñigo del Guayo Castiella
  • The NorNed Cable: Connecting Two Electricity Regulatory Systems
    Astrid Brunt, Leigh Hancher
  • Digitalization of the Electricity Sector and Digitalization of Society: Effects on the Energy Transition
    Adrien de Hauteclocque
  • Kernenergie: vriend of vijand?
    Piet Jan Slot
  • Transitioning to an Integrated Renewable Energy System in the Dutch North Sea
    Lisa van Nieuwkoop, Liv Malin Andreasson
  • Energy Planning Legal Requirements and Offshore Wind in Norway
    Catherine Banet
  • Regulatory Challenges to the Dutch Heat Transition
    Iman Brinkman
  • Als juristen met technische begrippen gaan rommelen
    Fokke Elskamp
  • Regulation of Norwegian Renewable Energy for Electrification in the Energy Conversion
    Per Håkon Høisveen
  • There and Back Again: The Dutch Energy Sector from Privatisation to New Public Energy Companies
    Ceciel Nieuwenhout
  • The Pendulum Swings in US Energy Policy: Where Now under the Biden Administration?
    LeRoy C. Paddock
  • Regulering voor nieuwe energie-infrastructuur
    Michelle de Rijke
  • Energietransitie en vertrouwen: De casus windparken DDMOM en N33
    Herman Bröring
  • Is Sharing Caring? ‘Energy Sharing’ within Energy Communities under EU Law
    Dirk Kuiken, Lea Diestelmeier
  • Participatie en draagvlak voor hernieuwbare energieprojecten
    Hanna Tolsma, Kars de Graaf
  • Earthquake Damage in Groningen: Billing beyond Liability Law?
    Gerrit Vriezen
  • How to Make the Energy Market Complex and Inexplicable to Ordinary People
    Helma Kip


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October 11, 2022



energy law, climate law, energy transition, energy networks

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