Eucharistic Hospitality in Ecumenical Contexts: Learning from Monastic Experiences


This practical theological study explores Eucharistic hospitality in the ecumenical monastic communities of Taizé, (Burgundy, France) and (Piedmont, Italy). Tracing the theology embedded in this practice, it offers empirically grounded insights into the dynamics of the Eucharistic hospitality and provides an innovative view on the sensus fidei on this point. As such, this study presents a relevant addition to the charged debate about this sensitive issue, challenging Roman Catholic theology to learn from the decades-long experience accumulated in the communities.

ISBN printed version: 9789464582437

Cover: Church of Reconciliation, Taizé.
Photo, cover design and lay-out: Fokke Wouda

Publisher: University of Groningen Press,
Broerstraat 4, 9712 CP Groningen

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Author Biography

Fokke Wouda

Fokke Wouda studied Reformed and Catholic theology and wrote this dissertation at Tilburg University, School of Catholic Theology. He participates in several ecumenical fora, including the Committee on Faith and Ecclesial Community (Beraadgroep Geloof en kerkelijke gemeenschap) of the National Council of Churches in the Netherlands.

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June 9, 2022


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