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The Global Cultures & Politics series is published in Co-edition with UFRO University Press.

UFRO University Press is an editorial born in the early 80s at University of La Frontera, Chile, whose purpose is to promote the book as an object, reading as a practice and free access to knowledge as a principle.

The series aims to publish innovative, multidisciplinary and cutting edge new scholarship in Global Cultures and Politics irrespective of subject matter, methodological approach or theoretical angle. The series brings the latest academic contributions in Global Studies, Cultural Analytics and Literary Studies to bear on the most timely societal challenges and scientific debates in our contemporary societies.

Scientific committee:
Dr. Manuel De La Fuente. University of Valencia, Spain. Dra. Giovanna Gianturco. Sapienza University of Rome, Italie. Dr. Lars Rensmann. University of Groningen, Netherlands. Dra. Yolanda Rodríguez. University of Ámsterdam, Netherlands. Dr. Antonio Sánchez. University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Series co-directors: Pablo Valdivia and Carlos del Valle.

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Global Culture and Politics 1
Leyendo el tejido social: Análisis discursivo y retórica cultural en el sur global
Pablo Valdivia, Carlos del Valle; Jacques Poulain , Tomás Albaladejo, Lia Gómez, Daiana Bruzzone, Florencia Cremona, Rocío Gariglio, Víctor Silva Echeto, Stefano Cristante, José Luis Piñuel Raigada , Juan Antonio Gaitán Moya, Carlos Lozano Ascencio, Hans Stange , Claudio Salinas , Toumader Chakour, Nicolina Montesano Montessori, Marco Bruno, Rodrigo Browne, Macarena Suazo, Nadia Koziner, Natalia Aruguete, Eileen Hudson, Amparo Marroquín